Get your creative juice flowing by reading helpful articles to help you invigorate your passion for writing. The contents provided on this page are well researched and proven effective. They worked for me and for everyone I know.

You’ll get to know interesting facts about writing like how it started and how it evolved into a complex way of art. We have so many great writers whose work is worth reading. I will also recommend books that made me cry, laugh, and happy. If you have one on your list, please share it!


We are born to write

I can tell you about my story why I became a writer. You bet, it will be a long, long story. I know you have your own story, too.  I work hard to tap into deeper sense of writing. And until now, I don’t consider my self as an expert. One thing I know though, I am born to write.

A need to communicate

Many experts would agree that the first traces of writing started in Egypt around 3200 BC and in China around 1200 BC. Experts find it hard to make conclusions on how writing really started. They found symbolic writings all around the world only to prove that humans have a need to express themselves not only by talking but also writing. As the world moves to modern age, the art of writing is evolving with it. There is no limit as to what it can become. See to know more about the history of writing. You’ll get the chance to look back and see how it evolved so much.

                                             A passion to create

There is always a seed in us that will continually to grow. Like a normal plant, this seed has to be watered and should be given proper nutrition to grow. Passion to create starts with a desire, as you go deep with your desire, it turns to something more stronger and more likely become passion. Don’t be afraid to take the first step. Don’t think that you are incompetent. Let your desire grow and become a tree. Spread your roots and continue what you do, then you will find your self amazed as you look at the things which you have already created.

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Brain Pickings

brain pickings

This is an awesome blog. I’m a subscriber and a fan. They provide you with amazing reflections on the life of great writers around the world. There are also tips on how you can write better based on the habits of the writers she researched. What I like the most about this website is the quotes from amazing people who have wisdom and knowledge to share. If you want to visit click here brainpickings.


Catapult logo

Another amazing site to visit is catapult. They have many mind blowing contents that will surely get you distracted creatively. You will find most of their contents liberating and bold. I like to read this kinds of content because I am liberated my self. If you want to read something new, visit their site.


Their tag line says it all! They have awesome group of writers to provide you quality columns. They also have community of readers so you can relate and connect. The whole set up of the site is outstanding which makes it a must-visit site. You will learn a lot, too. So if you’re interested click the link THE RUMPUS and start reading.