They may sound a bit different, but they’re more similar than you think. Below are the top three similarities between writing and painting.

They relieve stress


No one wants to deal with stress, but it’s part of our lives. While some of us eat to cope up with the stress, some of us hold our paintbrushes instead, and some of us choose the pen. Whether it’s a pen or your spray paint, painting and writing are both proven to be stress relievers. Writing can get rid of it by allowing you to express yourself through words. How did your day go? What has been bothering you for weeks now? Writing them is an excellent way to accept that they’re real because you can’t solve problems that don’t exist after all. When you grab a pen and paper and start writing all your troubles, then you’re letting out the negative things out of your head and releasing them to the paper. It’s a great therapy to help you determine how you can move forward stress-free.

wagner-spray-gunAt the same time, painting can reduce stress. A study in Drexel University found that even just 45 minutes of painting can decrease the symptoms of anxiety in the body. The best part? You don’t need to have a lot of experience or be so talented to feel that way! Now I know why I feel better after using my all-time favorite latex spray gun.

They foster emotional growth

Painting is an effective way to release emotions and be yourself. You’ll feel a lot better after painting—whether it’s a sculpture, a cabinet, a room, you’ll feel a lot more positive about life after painting. That’s because it’s a healing activity that allows you to express yourself through your artwork, then grow emotionally strong.

The same goes for writing. This activity enables you to process your emotions and be self-aware. It increases your knowledge about who you are and what you should understand. It paves the way for deeper thoughts, making you feel a lot better and optimistic.

They enhance your memory


Lastly, writing and painting are the same because they both improve your memory skills. Painting can sharpen the mind through imagination and boost your ability to familiarize things such as patterns, colors, lightings, and others. Meanwhile, writing has been proven to be an excellent method to recall things that happened. When writing a journal, you try to remember the good stuff or whatever technique you need to keep in mind, and while you do, the activity extends your memory. It’s just like taking a photo and remembering what really happened during the take of that picture even after years have passed. Both writing and painting help you reduce your chances of developing memory loss, which means both of them aim to keep your memory sharp.