Do you want to start a new blog?  However don’t know where to begin? Then, you are in the right page. Below, we will show you the best FREE platforms you can use to get you started in writing your first ever blog. Everyone needs a jump-start, and one of the best ways to start your career in writing is to start your new blog.

Why choose free platforms?

  • Your first blog will serve as your scratch paper. It doesn’t have to be fancy or formal, this first blog of your is just for you. Later on, you can improve it whenever you feel like it.
  • Can we reiterate the word FREE? It will not cost you a single dime, just your time and effort.
  • Once your free blog is up and running, you can look back and see on how much you improved. Sometimes, you will laugh at yourself with the way you write. It will make you proud and happy.

Recommended FREE platforms to get you started blogging

wordpress icon

It is self-hosted and cost varies based on the hosting plan of your choice. It has many helpful features such as wide choices of widgets, plugins, customizable themes, HTML editor, and mobile friendly. It is also a great platform for beginners.


If you are a beginner, Wix can provide your blogging needs but as you grow on your writing and want to take it seriously, you might need to find a better platform that will cater all your blogging needs. There is also an option to upgrade your site to a paid one to get access to their other features. We find it to have limited themes and plugins.


Blogger icon

Blogger is a great platform if your blog is more of a diary kind of blog because it doesn’t have plug-ins available which is a good way of making your site look decent. You can also choose from their several themes which are easy to customize. We will not recommend Blogger if you are planning to use your blog for business purposes.


With Weebly, you can customize your domain if you opted to pay for the subscription. Like, they have themes you can choose from; however they have few plugins available. They don’t have much perks but still a good platform to help you create a site of your own.

Other platform you may check out:


It will work out if you love images and GIFs. The downside is they don’t have plugins and SEO support.


It is most similar to the perks of, the only thing is, you have to pay $8-24 a month.