I created this blog to start a community of writers who will help one another and make a difference in someone’s life. I always dreamed of a place where people build up one another, that place, starts here.

I don’t consider my self a professional writer but rather a person who loves to write. I had worked on several projects already which really exposed me to writing. I found it very liberating¬†but at the same time, difficult. Good thing, ¬†I have a very creative circle of friends who got my back. They helped me so much not only professionally but also emotionally. They are the ones who are keeping me sane with all the deadlines I had to accomplish. So I thought to my self, “It’s time to give back and help other writers like me to get support and acknowledgement.” That’s when I


decided to create this blog.

The upcoming post will be more on interviews with local writers and their biographies. You’ll be surprised with their art of reasoning and with how they view the world! I found most of them funny but at the same time sensible, a great way to share their sense of humor. Everyone of them is so entertaining and refreshing. After talking to them, I find my self in beautiful place, knowing that people like them are walking on planet Earth, they indeed make this world a better place.

Since the main goal of this blog is to create a community, please feel free to post your comments. If you have any idea that will make this site a better one, I’d love to hear it. You don’t have to be a writer to subscribe here, regardless what field you are in and you need some awesome contents and stories to get you distracted creatively, then by all means, subscribe!

I personally welcome you to “Live to Write”. I hope that this site will help you become more positive, creative, and inspired. Write to your heart’s content! Be free and fearless.