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How To Recover From Writer’s Block

Are you having trouble writing new ideas? Are you having problems expressing your thoughts by writing? You may be suffering from Writer’s Block. It is a difficult condition that even professional writers experience from time to time. There is a deeper reason as to why you are going through with this mental state of having a hard time producing creative ideas. I will pinpoint these reasons on my next post. For now, I want you to take a deep breath and relax as you read through my list of steps on how I overcome my struggle for writing.

  1. You need a vacation or change of patterns

Sometimes, we get overwhelmed of all the things we need to accomplish. Those deadlines and stress from work    can  cause your brain to deteriorate. Our brain is very smart when it comes to identifying that we already have enough things to do. The right hemisphere of your brain which is responsible for thoughtful thinking and creativity will slow down. And it is so amazing that the solution is very simple, you need to take a break. You need to break your daily patterns that’s causing you stress. What works for me if I don’t have the luxury of going on a vacation is exercising. I love to go for a walk or do yoga with my closest friends. This really helps me relax and become prepared for my next task. I noticed that I became more effective in completing my task and my productivity is improved as well.

2. Read. Read. Read

No man is an island. The saying works for writer’s, too. Books are great tools in reviving your imagination and see things with someone’s eyes. You get the time to reflect on their work and on your self. Go back to basic. It all began with reading awesome books that inspired us to become who we are today. Many writers skip reading other books because they become preoccupied writing their own. I just want to emphasize that not all writers skip reading other books. In fact there are also many famous writers who love to read other books and made this as a daily habit. It is a great way to become teachable and learn new writing styles at the same time. So, if its been a while since you read a good book, then start now.

3. You worry about critics too much

I know that we write something for others to read so we do everything in our power to come up with something that’s going to please our readers. That is by the way, good. However, writing is not all about others, it’s also about you. I remember when I was struggling to write because I’m afraid that work will be not good enough. Having that thought come to my mind every single day caused me so much stress. I don’t know what to write anymore. Somehow, it created an inferiority complex in me and I was brought into a place of negativity. I thought to my self that I will be never good enough, that I know how write but never had the talent. Then a good friend of mind became worried and invited me to get a cup of coffee. I’m so happy that I have people in my life like her, thank God because He created beautiful human beings who can look inside your soul and save you from your self. I would say she saved me. She said you are great for who you are and you don’t need other people to validate that truth. If you are in the position where I was before then let me tell you, “You are great for who you are and you don’t need other people to validate that truth.”

4. Go back to basic

Do you remember your childhood? We are so creative back then. Maybe because we are not limited by the standards that adults go by. We can imagine anything, and without a shadow of the doubt, anything can be true for us. Go back to basic. Look back to the first day you decided to become a writer or the day you have this enthusiasm to write. Remember those empowering emotions that propelled you to take the first step. Remember that day when you are so excited writing your first novel, book, article, and etc. It’s good to have those feelings back. Everything that we write is based on how we think and feel at that moment of writing. The quality of your work is always contingent on how passionate you are, though it may not be perfect, but it doesn’t mean that it is not a great work anymore. Remember that you creating a world of your own. There is only you in that world, you can be anything you want to be, do anything you want because you are the writer.

I hope that these simple steps will you, too. Happy writing everyone!